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*images are representative of what will be available, not actual available babies. all images used with permission.


All KyTy Prairie Dogs are humanly trapped, not vacuumed, and are acclimated and bottle fed after arrival, before going to their forever homes. Please understand that this trapping actually saves the lives of these adorable creatures...without this practice, they would simply be exterminated as pests by the owners of the land where they are born.


Since these babies are extremely social, we HIGHLY recommend selecting a pair, as they can become depressed and even die of loneliness. (no joke!)


NOTE: It is very unlikely that anyone without a deposit will be able to secure one (or pair) of these babies come reserve yours here while you can!


Ready: Mid-April to Early May 2019

Spring 2019 Pre-Order #18

  • Make sure you have completely read and agree to all Terms of Adoption, prior to placing your order or deposit. These terms are in effect for the protection of our critters & their new families, so it's very important that you understand the agreement before you make it.

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