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About us

Thanks for checking out our site!
We're just a couple of animal lovers who had a half-baked idea to provide some of the most deliciously sweet skinny pigs and baldwins you could hope to find anywhere. 


Once we got a taste of the joy and excitement these little critters bring, we just had to expand the "menu".   We brought hedgehogs and sugar gliders into the family, and they have actually become some of our most sought after critters.  And most recentely, we have included even more exotic critters, like chinchillas and tenrecs.


As a USDA licensed breeding facility, we not only provide safety and security for our animals, we treat each of our critters as a part of our family, and we work diligently to make sure that their environment remains of the highest quality.  We require that all of our prospective adopters read and agree to our standard terms and conditions, and we are available to our families, before and after their adoption, to answer any questions that may arise.


So whether you're into the bald, the furry, or the prickly, check them out and feel free to ask any questions you may have.


And that's the skinny.


~Kiley and Tyson



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