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USDA Licensed

Travel Arrangements

within the US & Canada


Updates as of 17 October 20 - Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, our normal travel arrangement options listed below have to be adjusted in the following ways:

  • Our usual mode of pet travel, Delta Airlines PetSafe, remains under an embargo on all non-military animal transport on their flights until further notice. American airlines has resumed flights, and cane travel to most of our KyTy families outside the Kansas City area, though at a higher fee of $350, unfortunately, which is reflected in the purchase screen.

  • We are also able to arrange Concierge delivery service, where we personally deliver to your nearest airport, but the scheduling and the cost of that service is subject to availability, both of flights and our schedule.  
  • Local (KC) pickup of critters and accessories is still happening as usual, but we are working to maintain the CDC guidelines for social distancing and will be scheduling open-air and "contact free" meetings with KyTy Families for the health and safety of us all.

 We'll continue to update this page as we know more. Thanks!

--Tyson & Kiley

NOTE: We will resume our regular travel policy, as outlined below, as soon as the airlines have deemed it safe for everyone to resume normal business practices.

KyTy Critters travel using Delta Airline's DeltaCargo pet program, and can travel almost anywhere Delta flies. While weather restrictions do apply, we will work our hardest to ensure your new family member has the smoothest and safest flight. 

PLEASE NOTE: For the safety of your critter, temperatures MUST be below 85 degrees and above 30 degrees at the time of landing at it's new destination.  These restrictions may cause us to have to schedule late arrivals, watch the weather closely, and possibly change flights, times, and even days if the weather becomes unpredictable.

Shipping Cost:


Flight - $100 

Crate - $25 

Health Certificate - $15 

             Handling - $5 

TOTAL:  $150

(additional $110 fee for Canada shipments, sorry.) 

Until further notice,

Delta PetSafe Travel

remains unavailable. Please see COVID updates above.

We ship animals out on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Other arrangements can possibly be made, if necessary.


Prices above are for an individual of a species.  If adopting multiple critters, we will make every effort to make the shipping as financially efficient as possible, based on number of animals and species making the trip.  So if that is the case, or you have other questions, feel free to refrain from that option at checkout, and we can arrange shipping and collect that charge at a later time.

For a list of eligible airports in the US, please click HERE. Please note that this list is updated regularly, and KyTy Critters can not be held responsible for any changes to the list of eligible airports. The eligibility of your airport will only be confirmed when travel reservations are made.

Live in the Kansas City area

or plan to travel through?

We believe that a face-to-face interaction is great, for answering questions and for putting aside doubts, and that's why KyTy Critters does offer in-person pick up of animals and supplies!  However, we do raise our animals--and run our business--from our home, so all pickups must be arranged and scheduled in advance.  We do not carry regular pickup hours, but will do our best to accommodate the schedules of everyone involved. 

KyTy Critters now offers

Pet & Product Financing!

In love with one of our Critters, but don't have the cash to pay up front today? We currently offer a "layaway" style payment option for families waiting on critters that aren't quite ready to travel yet (or for future babies).  We will provide an electronic invoice to you via email, and you can pay incrementally, as often as you like, in any amount that you like, until you are fully paid. Please note that we can only hold critters for about three weeks after their "ready" date (to ensure they are in their forever families early enough to begin that ever-important bonding process), so we ask that if you select this option, please plan accordingly. 

We are also in communication with several different companies, working to offer more financing options to our KyTy family, including split payments and programs with low/no interest plans, that will allow you to bring your critter home now, and pay later! Please stay tuned for more details.