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"Primitive beauty... 

loving and unique"

Tenres are a family of primitive, hedgehog-like insectivorous mammals, divided into subcategories based on size and color.


Lesser Tenrecs are smaller than hedgehogs, only reaching the size of an average lemon.  Their quills are also much shorter and more blunt.  Also, they have the lowest body temperature of all mammals (tying with the sloth) at a mere 75 degrees Fahrenheit, making them actually feel cold to the touch. Lessers are excellent climbers, often being found in the wild up in trees, where they can hunt for bugs, and hide from predators.

Before settling on any of our adorable available babies listed below, be sure to read our Terms of Adoption and understand the rules and obligations.


For specific questions regarding these critters or our upcoming litters, please don't hesitate to contact us.

 We have curated a list of products that will provide you with the most successful experience with your new tenrec companion.

Lesser Tenrecs

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