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"Fluffy and Full of Love... 

Living, Breathing Clouds "

Native to the Andes mountains in South America, Chinchillas are small rodents that, in the wild, live in colonies called "herds" at high elevations (up to 14,000ft).  Historically, chinchillas lived in an area that included parts of Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, and Chile, but today colonies in the wild are known only in Chile. Their incredibly thick, soft fur ranges from solid white to solid black, in various grays and browns.  These highly social animals do require a significant amount of attention and affection, due to the ease with which they become stressed.  Emotional stress can lead to physical symptoms, so one should be aware of the pet's needs before choosing to provide a home for them.


Before settling on any of our adorable available babies listed below, be sure to read our Terms of Adoption and understand the rules and obligations.  For specific questions regarding these critters or our upcoming litters, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We have curated a list of products that will provide you with the most successful experience with your new chinchilla companion.

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