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"Diverse and Unique"


We are working to bring an array of small rodents, curated for those who want a unique pet, but may not be ready for one that requires a lot of space.  African Pygmy Dormice, or Microsquirrels, are small, bushy-tailed rodents with large eyes to assist in their nocturnal activities. Eqyptian Spiny Mice are endowed with unusually stiff guard hairs, similar to the spines of a hedgehog, likely used as a deterrent to predators (though not stiff enough to relay much actual protection). Kangaroo Rats (not actually related to kangaroos) are little critters that drink almost no water at all, getting most of their moisture from the seeds they eat, and can actually become over-hydrated very easily. Duprassi, also known as fat-tailed gerbils, have thick, soft, fluffy coat. They stores fat in its tail, in the same way that the camel stores fat in its hump.

We have curated a list of products that will provide you with the most successful experience with your new companion.

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