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What KyTy Critters loves about these:

1.  This is our top selling treat!

2.  Healthy and yummy for your hedgies and sugar gliders!

3.  A great source of calcium!


Dried Calci-Worms offer your pets an all natural calcium rich treat. Black soldier fly larvae are considered the best new alternative for incorporating calcium and protein into an animal's diet. The variety of natural colors are eye-catching to all animals and the great taste will keep them coming back for more! Calci-Worms are naturally sun-dried to maintain their nutritional value and store for a year or longer. No refrigeration necessary! Excellent source of protein & suitable for sugar gliders, hedgehogs, squirrels, skunks, opossums, wild birds, chickens, turtles, tropical fish, reptiles and other insect eating animals.

Great with foraging toys!!!!


Importance of Calcium: Most sugar glider owners know the goal in a diet is to achieve a calcium to phosphorus ratio over 1, meaning more calcium than phosphorus in the diet. Unlike mealworms, crickets, superworms, etc., Calci-Worms have a ratio of 1.52. Calcium deficiency is one of the most common problems of sugar gliders. 'Nutritional Secondary Hyperparathyroidism' (NSHP, or metabolic bone disease) occurs when a sugar glider's diet has too little calcium or has too much phosphorus. These black soldier fly larvae have a Calcium levels of 8155ppm (mealworms have a Calcium ppm of only 133). Calci-Worms are also high in protein to support strong and healthy growth!


Feeding Recomendation: Calci-Worms can be offered straight or mixed with other foods to make a custom blend. Treats are recommended to make up no more than 10% of the regular diet.


Ingredients: black soldier fly larvae (hermetia illucens) *SOURCED FROM CANADA* Guaranteed Analysis: crude protein 45% (min), crude fat 35% (min), crude fiber 8% (max), moisture 8% (max), calcium 3% (min)

Calci-Worms Treats

  • For those of you in the Kansas City area, we will gladly arrange pickup/delivery with you after the sale.


    If you are NOT in the KC area, the shipping will be arranged separately from the shipment of your critter (if applicable).  This item will be delivered by USPS (unless otherwise specified).

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