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Like her parents this little girl is going to be absolutely amazing and laid back, she will bond very easily with her new family. This girl will have a strong bond that craves and loves attention.

Caramel Gliders (a subspecies of sugar glider first imported to the US from Merauke in Papua New Guinea in 2009) are much larger, calmer, sweeter, amd more affectionate than standard sugar gliders. Many people refer to "caramel" as a color, but--in fact--their look is the normal look for this subspecies.

OOP: 20 Oct 2023

Ready: 01 Dec 2023


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  • Make sure you have completely read and agree to all Terms of Adoption, prior to placing your order or deposit. These terms are in effect for the protection of our critters & their new families, so it's very important that you understand the agreement before you make it.

  • If you're outside the KC area, don't worry!  Through the United Airlines pet program, you're able to pick up your critters from your nearest airport in the continental United States and Canada.  Shipping is $150, and details can be found HERE

    We will make every effort to make the shipping as financially efficient as possible, based on number of animals and species making the trip, so if you're purchasing multiple critters, we will gladly calculate total shipping costs (for a group shipment) as a separate transaction.

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