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What KyTy loves about this:

1.  A great way to provide your glider with their excercise wheel.

2.  If you purchase the wire cage attatchment your wheel will give your glider a great exercise area while making a small foot print in their enclousre.


  • Dual ball bearings for low friction (smooth, quiet spin) - "things roll quieter than they slide"
  • Textured running tracks (non-slip, excellent grip) - sandy nail trimmer tracks sold separate
  • Axle-free construction (no risk of spinal injury or tail / fur entanglement)
  • Metal stand allows for give, preventing joint pain - wire cage attachment sold separately
  • Approx size: 13.5" tall (on stand) x 5" wide (3.5" wide track) x 12" diameter   


12" Silent Runner wheel is recommended for sugar gliders, female rats, and other similar small animals (not suggested for chewing animals). The axle-free construction eliminates the dangerous center axle that many pet running wheels have, reducing the risk of tail entanglement and spine injuries. The Silent Runner dual ball bearing design ensures the wheel runs smooth and quite, unlike many of the annoying squeaky wheels on the market. You'll love the pet-safe all metal stand, built to last! Approx size: 13.5" tall (on stand) x 5" wide (3.5" wide track) x 12" diameter wheel, 4" diameter openings.


Check out some of our great Silent Runner accessories too (sold separately)! The Cage Attachment allows you to save cage floor space by attaching the wheel to the wire wall of a cage. Sandy Trimmer tracks provide an easy alternative for trimming nails!


PROPER MAINTENANCE: Your Silent Runner wheel should be cleaned regularly. Disassemble the wheel and clean all parts with warm soapy water, rinse, and allow to air dry completely. Do not submerge bearings in water! Make sure to dry the bearings thoroughly as inadequate drying may lead to the bearings seizing. Place a few drops of mineral oil on each bearing, reassemble the wheel, and reinstall on stand or cage mount.


NOTE: It is important that the bearings are oiled on a regular basis (once per month minimum). Silent Runner wheels are dishwasher safe (top rack only) but exposure to water should be limited. Running tracks are textured on one side for secure grip. Assemble tracks so textured side of track is facing inwards. If you neglect to maintain your Silent Runner wheel properly, the bearings may become corroded and seize, which can cause the wheel to unscrew from the stand or cage attachment when your pet is running in the wheel. If this happens, you will need to replace the bearings. See parts section for replacement bearings. 

Silent Wheel - Standard

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