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KyTy Cares: COVID-19 update
(as of 7 April 2021)

As we head into what feels like month 806 of the "new reality" that is COVID, and even with news of vaccines being deployed to healthcare workers and first responders, the pandemic shows no real sign of disappearing any time soon. We continue to remain vigilant to remain healthy and safe here at KyTy Critters, and our business continues to be affected in a number of significant ways.

Shipping and Transport

  • The CDC and WHO have asked that all individuals remain socially distanced and self-isolated whenever possible, and this has caused a dramatic decrease in the number of available flights and increased timeline of shipping (as well as ballooning cost).

  • We are committed to continuing our passion of providing the best quality critters and accessories, and are working diligently to offer "contact less" local pickups (to comply with the health and safety recommendations of the CDC), and to secure other methods of transport (to make up for all the cancelled flights, including but not limited to new ground transportation companies and offers to travel outside our usual meeting zone to buffer the distance that people need to travel to pick up their new babies).

  • We aim to ensure the safety and security of our critters, and the peace of mind of our KyTy Families. If you have any ideas​​ that we may not have thought of, please feel free to let us know!


Product Availability

  • Global supply chains have been systemically impacted, and it has been more difficult for us to source many of the products that we normally provide.  You may see some "out of stock" notifications, either while shopping, or after an order is placed. 

  • If you encounter any of these difficulties, please let us know and we will work to assist you in getting the products that you need. And if you and your family have been affected directly by COVID-19 (either medically or financially), please notify us and we'll provide any assistance that we can to ensure that your critter maintains the high standard of life you have givien them, and that they deserve.

Sales of Critters

  • With the loss of jobs and shuttering of businesses across the country, many people no longer feel comfortable spending their money on "nonessentials", including furry friends for their families. When you are concerned where the money is coming from to pay your bills, it's understandable that a new pet feels out of the question.

  • We have been fortunate to have continued interest in our business, outpacing our critter families' natural ability to provide critters to meet that demand. We are truly thankful and continue to look for ways to spread this good fortune around our city and to those we come into contact with.

  • Watch our social media pages (@kytycritters on Facebook and Instagram) for deals, coupon codes, and other savings to our KyTy Families. We want to keep our business up and running, and continue to provide your family with the companionship and joy that comes from the addition of these little bundles of love and joy.

If you have any questions or concerns about your purchase, or are interested in helping other pet lovers during this stressful and anxious time, please do not hesitate to contact us at or via text at (816) 344-8557.

Thank you for your continued support and we remain confident that we will all enjoy happier and healthier days ahead.

Stay safe, Be Kind, and Make Others Smile!

-- Tyson & Kiley



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