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What KyTy Loves about this:

1.  These are so great and heavy for hedgehogs who frequently tip their food bowls over.

2.  Saves money and pet food!

3.  GREAT for treats!

4.  Fun colors!


This small, ergonomic Pet Dish is a non-porous ceramic dish that is perfect for your small pet.  The dish is ergonomically slanted so your small pet will not have to strain or climb to get to his food or water. It features a high-gloss coating that doesn’t hold onto bacteria. Its base-heavy design prevents overturning, while its ceramic build is chew-proof and made to last. It is suitable for food or water, so get one for each!


  • Ergonomically slanted for comfort. Easy small-pet access
  • High-gloss coating doesn’t hold bacteria
  • Heavy base prevents overturning when small animal steps on it
  • Ceramic build is chew-proof
  • Suitable for food or water

Pet Dish

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