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What KyTy Critters loves about this enclosure:

1.  Spacious Cage

2.  Secure top is great if you have other pets.

3.  These enclosures are expandable, expansions make great gifts for your critters!

4.  The spacious top makes it easy to interact with your pet even when they are in their enclosure!


This critter home is the perfect secure space for your new baby. The home is available in a spacious 8-square-foot size. A divider panel can be used to create separate play and care sections. This veterinarian-recommended critter habitat is suited for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Ideal for first time pet owners & enthusiasts. Provides 8 square feet of living area as recommended by veterinarians
  • Durable, leak proof, washable and easily removable PVC lined canvas bottom, providing traction & helps protect your critter’s sensitive feet
  • Sets up easily in minutes and folds flat for storage and travel, no tools or connecting pieces required for assembly or disassembly
  • Plus option includes a dividing panel with hinged lock-in-place ramps and provides separate play & care areas
  • Divider panel with hinged lock-in-place ramps and doors included for separate playing, living, and litter box areas to assist in the proper hygiene of your pet


Dimensions: 47" x 24" x 14"

Open-Top Critter Cage

  • For those of you in the Kansas City area, we will gladly arrange pickup/delivery with you after the sale.


    If you are NOT in the KC area, the shipping will be arranged separately from the shipment of your critter (if applicable).  This item will be delivered by USPS (unless otherwise specified).

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