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Egyptian Long Eared Hedgehog


Egyptian long eared hedgies have much larger personalities than African Pygmy hedgehogs. These guys love to play with toys, are much more interactive, and are larger than your typical pet hedgehog.

Beybee is the 2nd most outgoing in her litter! She has a huger personality, loves to be held already, and is very talkative!

DOB: 16 Feb 2022

Ready: 30 March 2022


$800.00 Regular Price
$500.00Sale Price
  • Make sure you have completely read and agree to all Terms of Adoption, prior to placing your order or deposit. These terms are in effect for the protection of our critters & their new families, so it's very important that you understand the agreement before you make it.

  • If you're outside the KC area, don't worry!  We do have a number of transport options, and details can be found HERE. Transport is scheduled and fees are collected separately from critter purchase.  

    We will make every effort to make the shipping as financially efficient as possible, based on number of animals and species making the trip, so if you're purchasing multiple critters, simply text us (816.608.7784) and we will gladly calculate total shipping costs.

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