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Pups have arrived! Scheduling pickups and deliveries now!

Prairie Dogs

"Social and Attention-seeking"


Prairie dogs are highly social animals who require love and attention. When properly bonded, they are wonderful pets, and are even easy to leash train. With a highly seasonal breeding season, all prairie dog pups are born between last January and early April, so pre-orders will be fulfilled on a "first come, first served", once those pups begin arriving. 

Please note: there are local ordinances in effect in certain parts of the US, so it's best to make sure if you have any applicable restrictions in your area at the beginning of your research, before adding a new pet to your family.

"Early Bird"

Pre-order Pricing - 2024

(if ordered before 2/4/24)


individual  -  $250 (save $50) 

pair  -  $400 (save $125)


individual  -  $275 (save $50)

pair  -  $450 (save $125)


Pre-order Pricing - 2024

(if ordered after 2/4/24)


individual  -  $300

pair  -  $525 (save $75)


individual  -  $325

pair  -  $575 (save $75)

We have curated a list of products that will provide you with the most successful experience with your new prairie dog companion.

Current 2024 Deposits

Coming Soon!

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